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One of the greatest resources on dating can be found on YouTube where both professionals and experts share their experience and ideas related to where and how to approach women (openers for men), how to get a girlfriend, how to dress, how to develop attraction and make transitions from one stage of relationships to the next one.

Psychological skills and mindset for dating

Getting a girlfriend can be a challenge for shy or passive males. So the previous link provides basic tips in the preparatory stage of this process (or what mindset and attitudes are beneficial in order to have more success in relationships).

That is the reason why meditation and mindfulness that lead to peace of mind are important. For modern views on psychological and social topics, see Psychology For Peace.

Physical health for dating and breathing

Healthy dating starts with good physical and mental health. However, both these factors depend on oxygen content in the physical body. Many people forget that oxygen is provided via correct breathing, while breathing extra air does not improve one’s health. Many professionals say that it is the other way around.

We believe that health and good breathing habits are crucial for family health and dating too. We found great resource related to breathing. It is e-breathing.com website. Here is the link to this breathing site. The main health problem for a modern world, as writers of this site claim, is too much breathing. This interferes with brain function, social life of people, and their dating and relationships skills. In fact, if you pay attention to your emotional states and respiratory patterns, you can discover that in the time of stress and panic attacks or general anxiety, your breath is faster and deeper. Tines of relaxation corresponds to easy and smooth breathing patterns.

Their idea of breathing too much is supported by medical references that can be found in Table and resources. Therefore, the solution is to slow down breathing and improve oxygen transport to the brain and cells of the body.

Exercise and adopt an active lifestyle!

For superior sport performance, especially for males, there is a great tool and breathing device that can be used continuously during physical activity. It is called the Training Mask and is very effective for endurance and general health. It helps to increase VO2max and makes breathing slower and lighter improving sleep and boosting energy levels.

Dating advice for women

The site is currently under construction. For more general info about dating, click here.

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